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Pink: In Her Own Words в Высоцке

Pink: In Her Own Words в Высоцке +Увеличить фото

Pink: In Her Own Words
Цена: 1399 руб.   ✚ В корзину
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    • Кодировка: NTSC
    • Формат изображения: WideScreen Да6:9 (Да.78:Да)
    • Количество слоев: DVD-5 (Да слой)
    • Упаковка: Keep case
  • Описание: Having changed the entire sound and scope of pop music across her decade in the spotlight, Pink can be credited for breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope, making her the most trailblazing artist of her generation. And as the challenges teen singers everywhere to find their own sound, she remains the most important pop performer in the world today. This DVD contains almost 75 minutes of filmed interviews with the girl herself recorded at various stages across her amazing career so far. Always intelligent, witty, candid and very honest, Pink comes across as a truly decent human being and a great role model for fans across the world as she discusses a million subjects close to her heart.


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